Custom designer cabinetry.

We don’t just build a great product. We build a great experience.
— -Francisco, Lead Designer | Rocky Point Cabinetry

Our Story.


Francisco Gonzalez got his first "hands full of saw dust" as a young boy, learning and experiencing the art of hand-carving and crafting from his father, a wood artisan that specialized in customized wood carpentry. From a very young age, Francisco knew his heart lied in custom design. "He has always been very detailed, and attentive to the precision and subtle details the finishing touch"  explains his father, who now works side-by-side to Francisco at their shop in Indio... "That makes his work stand out". in his recent years, after working for other custom cabinet companies for a few years, he decided that the only way to create work he could truly control and call his own, he would have to start his own custom cabinet shop... This is where Rocky Point Cabinetry was born.

Francisco and his team pride themselves in having attention to detail being that everything is done in their own shop. The business is locally owned and operated; and does work for all types of jobs that will fit your budget.

Today, Francisco is a go-to professional for Designers, Contractors, and Loyal customers.